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We're an old-school wrestling podcast that takes a look back at WWE Raw and Pay-Per-Views, starting in 1993, and on into the future!


Sep 27, 2021

Everybody loves when someone gets punched for real!  In this episode of Wrasslin’ Raw, the boys are celebrating their WrestleMania Spectacular- the live watch-along of WrestleMania 12!  Standout matches like the Back Lot Brawl and Iron Man Match get everybody popping, while predictably poor matches are present in the...

Sep 20, 2021

Did you know the ULLLLLLTIMATE WARRIOR put on 200 pounds and is a cow? In this episode of Wrasslin’ Raw, the boys take a look at the go-home raw leading into WrestleMania 12.  There are stellar performances from Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Shawn Michaels, less-than-stellar action from Leif Cassidy of the New Rockers,...

Sep 13, 2021

Wrasslin’ Raw is taking a week off to prepare for and record the annual WrestleMania Spectacular- but don’t worry Rawheads, the boys will be back next week to entertain you.  The ride to WrestleMania is on!

Sep 6, 2021

In this episode of Wrasslin’ Raw, the boys sink their teeth into a night of odd matchups.  The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith takes on Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Goldust battles “Make a Difference” Fatu, and we see matches from Diesel and Bret Hart.  Barry Horowitz and Tatanka make appearances as well.  But...