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We're an old-school wrestling podcast that takes a look back at WWE Raw and Pay-Per-Views, starting in 1993, and on into the future!



Wrasslin’ Raw is a wrestling podcast that centers around three friends doing a deep-dive into World Wrestling Entertainment’s past.  Starting in 1993, Joe, Ryan, and Jason take a look back at old-school wrestling by watching the WWE show Monday Night Raw in chronological order, along with the Pay-Per-Views as they happen.  Bringing together three different viewpoints that sometimes agree and sometimes don’t, Wrasslin’ Raw is a round table discussion centered around individual episodes and events.  Our hosts give opinions on matches, wrestlers, and storylines, as well as brief glimpses into the then-contemporary world of professional sports entertainment.


Fans of wrestling from their early youth, the boys decided one day to start re-watching old episodes of Raw.  This started a texting discussion thread that wound up revealing some reevaluations of old favorites, new appreciation for things overlooked, and an overall richer viewpoint that has been informed by hindsight.  Realizing this, the suggestion to record a podcast of the discussion was made and Wrasslin’ Raw was born.