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We're an old-school wrestling podcast that takes a look back at WWE Raw and Pay-Per-Views, starting in 1993, and on into the future!


Jul 6, 2020

Whaddaya say?!?  In this episode of Wrasslin’ Raw, the boys are coming back from WrestleMania 11 and into a brand new clusterfuck of storytelling.  Men on a Mission get their hair dyed black, Shawn Michaels and Diesel are friends now, and Lex Luger continues to ruin everything he’s in.  On the plus side, we get one more dose of Nicky Turturro, one of the best matches of 1995 so far, and another great look at a Jobber of the Week that had a better career than we’ve been led to believe.  You know what it’s like to grapple a 250lb woman, don’t you?